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LONDON – Terrorist attack Finsbury Park with van

LONDON – This is the moment bystanders subdue a man suspected of deliberately ploughing a van into worshippers near Finsbury Park mosque, leaving one dead. The video footage, shot on a mobile phone, shows the man restrained in the road and surrounded by a group people, with a pair of handcuffs visible in shot. He had been wrestled to the ground by

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Despite Four Years Of Warnings Theresa May’s New Advisor Gavin Barwell Failed To Review Tower Block Fire Regulations (video)

LONDON: Theresa May’s new chief of staff failed to carry out a review of fire regulations in tower blocks – despite being warned of the potential for a devastating blaze. Former Housing Minster Gavin Barwell – who was given a top Downing Street job within days of losing his seat last week – refused to give a date for when

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LONDON: At least six people have been confirmed killed in a huge fire that ripped through a west London tower block, but police expect the death toll to rise. Up to 600 people are believed to have been inside Grenfell Tower’s 120 flats when the blaze tore through the 24-storey building in the early hours. Twenty people are in critical

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United Nations Launch Investigation Into UK Conservative Government

NEWYORK: The United Nations has launched a huge investigation into the UKs Conservative government over gross human rights violations against its own citizens.  The investigation was launched after complaints were made about Britain’s appalling human rights record. UN investigators are set to look at the impact of austerity, mass surveillance, poverty, racism and press freedoms. reports: The UN Human Rights

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Kelvin MacKenzie suspended from the Sun after ‘racist’ column on Ross Barkley and the people of Liverpool

Put simply, Kelvin MacKenzie is a disgraceful human being.  He is a hateful, bitter, reviled has-been. His newspaper lied about Hillsborough, falsely blaming Liverpool fans for the tragedy, and reporting that they stole from, and urinated on, dead bodies, and made necrophiliac comments about dying victims. Twice he has tried to enter politics and twice he has failed. Ross Barkley is 23 years

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