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Beast of Bolsover’ gets standing ovation after rousing speech!!! [VIDEO]

– BRIGHTON. Veteran MP Dennis Skinner made a barnstorming speech at Labour’s annual conference . –  Calls Labour’s 2017 manifesto ‘the best since 1945’ The 85-year-old, who has been MP for Bolsover since 1970, hailed a “tremendous year” for Labour, which he credited to Jeremy Corbyn and the Shadow Cabinet. “We had a manifesto that, quite frankly, was the best

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Stormzy: ‘Theresa May is a paigon’ VIDEO

Grime MC Stormzy speaks at the GQ awards on Tuesday night after the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, presented him with the best solo artist prize. In his acceptance speech, the rapper criticises Theresa May, calling the prime minister a ‘paigon’, slang for someone who is two-faced or a liar.   The epithet is popular among some black Londoners and generally

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#WhereisTheresa: Prime Minister mocked on social media

Theresa May has been slammed online for failing to appear on the BBC’s General Election leaders’ debate, with voters mockingly asking “where is Theresa?” on social media. The Prime Minister was the only leader of a major political party not to take part in Wednesday night’s debate, after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn surprisingly announced he would be attending hours before it started.

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