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BREAKING: Whistleblowing Senator Shehu Sani Defends Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Rubbishes President Muhammadu Buhari & El Rufai

There are strong indications that Senator Shehu Sani has concluded plans to dump the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC. This came as the fearless Senator reacted to President Buhari’s recent comment in Yobe State, in which he said that he handled the Dapchi girls situation better than how ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan, handled the Chibok girls issue. Sani, took to Twitter

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Penelope Cruz on Strike!! Declares No Work No Chores No Romance – INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY EXCLUSIVE

Penelope Cruz in support for women and International women’s Day 2018, has cancelled all events she had planned and will also go on β€˜domestic’ strike, leaving her partner Javier Bardem to care for their two children.     follow us on twitter @wahalatoday and facebook @ wahaladae

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PANDEMONIUM!!! INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Trains Cancelled in Spain as Women go on Strike

Spain’s women’s day strike kicks off with midnight pot banging.Β  Women demand an end to unfair wages, domestic violence and “macho” culture SPAIN. Women in Spain kicked-off their first nationwide strike on International Women’s Day with a pot banging protest at midnight in Madrid as they demanded an end to unfair wages, domestic violence and the country’s prevailing “macho” culture.

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