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President Trump’s Health exam results – “He has a gorgeous 44-inch coke-bottle waist, and his height, 75 inches with legs that seem to go on forever”- SNL (VIDEO)

“Again, let me be clear,”  Jackson said. “The president is in peak physical condition.” You heard the doctor the president has passed every exam we gave him: physical exam, mental exam, the Tide Pod Challenge — crushed it.” UNITED STATES. A must watch episode of  this week’s “Saturday Night Live” opened with a sketch of President Donald Trump’s doctor giving

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Alabama Election Results: Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore in U.S. Senate Race

ALABAMA UNITED STATES. Doug Jones has become the first Democrat in 25 years to win a US Senate seat for Alabama, after a bitter campaign against Republican Roy Moore. His unexpected victory deals a blow to President Donald Trump, who backed Mr Moore, and narrows the Republican majority in the Senate to 51-49. Mr Moore has so far refused to

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