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Trump Trade War: China retaliatory Tariffs Aim to hit Trump in Electoral Base

UNITED STATES. Washington’s penchant for brandishing “big sticks” will come back to haunt it, China Daily, official organ of the Chinese government, warned as trade tensions between the two countries continued to fray. And China, has identified just where that haunting will begin: in America’s heartland. By the look of things, the US looks likely to be hit hard. And China

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CHINA: Xi Jinping Appointed President-for-Life and ‘Chairman of Everything’

Meet Xi Jinping, China’s “Chairman of Everything” and President for Life. BEIJING. On Sunday, China’s parliament abolished rules limiting the term limits of heads of state of China. Since taking over the Communist Party in 2012, Xi has steadily tightened his grip on virtually all aspects of the party and state apparatus. And along the way he has accumulated a

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