Trouble In UK As Far Right Anti-Immigration Extremist Nigel Farage Launches New Party Called – ‘The Brexit Party’

LONDON UK. Far right Brexit Extremist Mr Nigel Farage has launched a new pro-brexit party in an attempt to attract hardline Conservative activists unhappy with PM Theresa May’s attempt to forge a compromise Brexit plan.

“The Brexit Party” which was registered with the Electoral Commission on Friday will also pose challenges for UKIP, the anti-EU party which has drifted sharply to the right since the departure of Mr Farage as its leader.

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Theresa May and Nigel Farage

Mr Farage, and extremist and anti-immigration campaigner, recently one of the most influential figures in modern British politics — despite having stood seven times unsuccessfully to become an MP — described the new group as a “live vehicle” that would be “mobilised” the instant Brexit is delayed.

He said the new party had potential donors lined up if there was a snap election. “The engine is running,” he said. “In defence of democracy, we stand ready for battle.”

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The former Ukip leader said the party would spring into action if Brexit does not take place as planned on March 29. Some cabinet ministers have openly speculated that Britain needs to delay Article 50, the mechanism that triggers Britain’s departure from the EU, not least to ensure that all the necessary legislation is enacted.

Far right extremist Mr Farage told news sources that if the prime minister Theresa May did not welcome “this new electoral threat” they should “deliver a proper Brexit”.

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Catherine Blaiklock Brexit Party founder

Catherine Blaiklock, founder of The Brexit Party, said hundreds of Tory members had been in contact saying they wanted to defect to the new party.

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