Botswana Now Exporting Teachers To Bailout Mozambique & Seychelles Teacher Scarcity

GABORONE BOTSWANA. (Jan 24) The Botswana Ministry of Basic Education has revealed that it is recruiting at least 21 teachers to work in Seychelles while another five will be exported to Mozambique.

The Ministry also said in a statement it is inviting applications from suitably qualified and experienced Teachers for 21 vacancies at Seychelles secondary schools starting in April 2019.

The ministry invited applications from candidates wishing to teach English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Information and Communication Technology, Career Guidance and Counselling, Design and Technology, and Physics.

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Ministry of Basic Education Headquarters

Mozambique has already recruited five Botswana teachers to work at the Maputo International School.

The ministry said the initiative is part of a broader strategy to improve people to people interaction and cultural exchanges, which will go a long way in contributing to improved bilateral relations between the two countries.

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