Botswana Earthquake Tremors: Government Warns people To Stay Safe, Says Investigations Are Ongoing

BOTSWANA. (Jan 23) Reports from news sources, say Botswana Geo-Science Institute is investigating earth tremors that have hit the Selibe Phikwe town in northern Botswana, where liquidated state-owned BCL copper mine is situated.

BCL was liquidated in 2016 due to what the government said was loss of profit due to low commodity prices.

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The Geo-Science Institute’s public relations manager, James Molosankwe, confirmed Wednesday that a team of experts was sent to undertake an assessment in the affected area.

According to Molosankwe, none of the institute’s 21 Seismicity Monitoring Stations, which were strategically-placed around the country, recorded any tremor in that area, but it was still important for investigations to be carried out to establish what had transpired.

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Botswana Geoscience Institute CEO

BCL Mine liquidator Nigel Dixon-Warren said: “I am aware of the so-called earth tremors, and we are investigating to see what could be the cause.

The Department of Mines is there with us, and we are working together to see whether we can identify the cause.”

more details soon….

Source: APA News


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