Brexit: Theresa May Slams Jeremy Corbyn – Says MPs Must ‘Work Together’ To Deliver Brexit

WESTMINSTER UK. (Jan 17) PM Theresa May has called on MPs to “put self-interest aside” and “work constructively together” to find a way forward for Brexit.

Earlier, the prime minister had only just managed to win a vote of no confidence by 325 to 306, as rebel Tory MPs and the DUP backed her to stay in No 10.

But just 24 hours before, both groups ensured her Brexit plan was voted down.

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On Wednesday night the PM met the SNP, Lib Dem and Plaid Cymru leaders but not Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She lambasted the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn when she said: “I am disappointed that the leader of the Labour Party has not so far chosen to take part, but our door remains open.”

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Dejected Theresa May

Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn who has also set his own red lines, said that before any “positive discussions” can take place, the prime minister should rule out a no-deal Brexit.

According to the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg; Labour had been clear that unless Mrs May makes a statement saying the UK will only leave through a managed process, Mr Corbyn is not going anywhere near the talks.

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Opposition Leader

But she said it wasn’t a straightforward judgement for the Labour party, as many members do not want Brexit to happen – meaning Mr Corbyn could quite easily be criticised for helping the process if he attends.

source: BBC


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