Tanko Yakassai To Ndigbo: Act Now Because You Won’t Get Presidency In Next 20 Years If APC Wins In 2019

ABUJA NIGERIA. Second republic politician Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, has raised the alarm over the fate of the Igbo Nation in Nigeria in the present political arrangement, expressing fears that the Southeast might be shut out of the presidency for the next 20 to 28 years should Muhammadu Buhari win the forthcoming general elections.

The octogenarian, who warned the people of the region not to support the APC presidential candidate, warned that the region may have none to blame but themselves if they vote otherwise.

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Tanko Yakassai

He said the APC and their allies in the Southwest already have their candidate in the person of President Muhammadu Buhari, and the other block is the PDP, which has Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi as their candidates.

This is a divide with far reaching implications. Now, if Buhari who is now looking for a second term wins the election, he would complete his second term of four years. Since his running mate is from the Southwest, the natural thing is for APC to nominate his running mate from the Southwest.

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Buhari APC candidate

The candidate of the party would then come from the Southwest, who will naturally nominate his running mate among APC supporters from the North. If they succeed in winning the elections after Buhari, whoever wins the election on APC’s platform would likely run for two terms of eight years. If you put the eight years plus Buhari’s four years, it would amount to 12 years.

After the man from the Southwest, it is impossible for somebody on the platform of the APC to aspire to be nominated to contest election from the entire South and, therefore, the candidature would now come back to the North after the Southwest.

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If you put together that eight years, plus the eight years of the Southwest and the remainder of four years for Buhari’s second tenure, that would be a total of 20 years. That would be the time that it would take for anybody from the Southeast to have an opportunity to become the President of Nigeria, if elected. 

In other words, if Buhari wins the coming election, it would take Igbo and the Southeast a minimum of 20 years or more before they can have the possibility of producing the President of Nigeria.


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