VIDEO: Sex Workers Union “English Collective of Prostitutes” Defend Leeds Red Light Zone Live On BBC

LEEDS UK. Sex workers who operate in the Leeds, Holbeck Managed Approach have spoken out about how the scheme benefits the sex workers and prostitutes on the Victoria Derbyshire show.

Although residents in Holbeck campaigned hard in 2018 for the scheme to be scrapped – prompting Leeds City Council to review it alongside West Yorkshire Police.

A worker called Julie was interviewed for BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire show, in a news report exploring whether the zone has worked in the four years since it was first introduced.

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“I’ve been doing this for about 20 years”, Julie said. “I was a nurse, and I got pregnant. I had a stillborn baby daughter and had a nervous breakdown – got involved in drugs and alcohol and started working because of that.

“The girls feel a lot safer. Definitely feel a lot safer.

“The police are not harassing us like they used to. They come and ask us if we are alright and if there’s any problem customers around, what cars are they driving and is there anyone dodgy wandering around.”

Another prostitute, who wasn’t identified in the programme, said: “People know about the area. We get a bit more respect. I feel more safe.”


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