Argentina TV Channel ‘Blasted’ For Welcoming Indian PM Modi As The Simpsons’ Apu Shopkeeper

Buenos Aires – An Argentine news channel Cronica TV, has come under fire for displaying an image of the Simpsons character Apu as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Buenos Aires.

Cronica TV used the headline “Apu arrives” as the Indian PM’s plane touched down for the G20 summit.

Social media users responded angrily to the use of the image. Some say the portrayal of the Indian shopkeeper is racist.

Cornica TV welcoming Indian PM Modi




During the ongoing G20 Summit, which is a grouping of the world’s 20 major economies, PM Modi participated in the first-ever trilateral meeting between Japan, America and India and the second Russia, India China (RIC) trilateral. He will return to India on Tuesday.

Mr Modi’s arrival at the G20 was not the only one to stir up social media controversy.

When French President Emmanuel Macron arrived on Thursday he was greeted by an empty runway, as the Argentine delegation had not arrived on time to meet him.


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