NIGERIA: President Buhari and VP Osinbajo Under Fire For Looting Next Level Logo From American High School Project

ABUJA NIGERIA. What is with the Nigerian presidency, it’s ruling party APC and their predilection for plagiarism? President Buhari’s ‘Next Level campaign logo’ has been accused of an avoidable controversy. The presidential campaign has been accused of stealing another projects logo.

The logo is said to be that of “a project of Winthrop University-School Partnership Network in collaboration with Fort Mill School District (York 4), Lancaster County School District, and Rock Hill School District (York 3). It is a Professional Development Program grant funded by the US Department of Education and administered through the Office of English Learner Acquisition (OELA)”.

President Buhari with VP Osinbajo, Oshiomole and SSG



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Really, a look at the Winthrop project logo shows that the “creatives” behind that of the president may have engaged in a mindless lifting of intellectual property.

Didn’t Buhari’s campaign logo go through the rigors of vetting? Was thorough research not carried out to determine originality? Was citizen revulsion to the “plagiarized” logo not foreseen? Or was this just to irritate and annoy Nigerian citizens?

It is stupefying that at the centre of government things are still done without sense and sensibility, and without recourse to due diligence. It is even more shocking when the time taken to plan the event is considered.

Winthrop original owners of next level logo

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From the point of view of Nigerians, this is just an display of incompetence.  President Buhari now suffers the incompetence of his own managers. The contract for the design of the logo obviously, must have been given to a “loyal but grossly incompetent” minion, who instead of applying his mettle, lazily looted the internet for a published logo.

The same incompetence, which afflicted the design of the Buhari campaign logo, afflicted the cake baked for Prince Charles of Wales.

Really, this embarrassment is avoidable.

Well, for president Buhari and the APC party “plagiarism may just be a word just as recession is”.

Source: The CableNG




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