BREAKING: Fake Election Observers Used To Monitor Cameroon Presidential Election

LONDON UK. The Cameroonian opposition candidate, Maurice Kamto who stirred controversy with an unsubstantiated claim he won the country’s recent presidential poll, has cried foul over a group of “false” election observers used to monitor the recent election.

On Monday evening, the state-run CRTV television station showed footage from a press conference with six international election observers whom it identified as belonging to Transparency International (TI).

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The main spokeswoman at the press conference, identified as Nurit Greenger, spoke positively about the smooth running of the election, describing it as “extremely good”.

“I think everybody did their job in a clear and satisfactory manner,” she said, wearing an identity tag listing her as an “independent”.

But the NGO denied any affiliation with the people seen in the footage, describing the television report as “false and untrue”. Patricia Moreira released a statement –

Transparency International confirms that it has no international election observation mission in Cameroon. A recent television report featuring individuals described as working for Transparency International is false and untrue.

“The individuals shown in the report have no affiliation with Transparency International,” said Patricia Moreira, Managing Director of Transparency International.

A deliberate attempt to impersonate Transparency International or knowingly portray non-affiliated individuals as employees of the anti-corruption watchdog is completely unacceptable.


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