BREAKING: John Travolta & Wife Star in Mafia Gangster John Gotti Biopic Movie

HOLLYWOOD USA. John Travolta said about his latest movie Gotti, in which he plays New York crime boss John ‘The Teflon Don’ Gotti‘ – I always loved pretending I was other people says Travolta, whose wife Kelly Preston also co-stars in the Gotti movie.


It seems odd but Travolta does seem to have some admiration for Gotti himself. Was he comfortable playing Gotti? ‘No, I’m confident,’ he says. ‘I wasn’t comfortable blowing up someone’s head but I was confident I could play it well enough for you to believe it. You don’t have to like everything your characters do.

‘People loved him,’ he says. ‘I went to Long Island and interviewed a lot of businesses and if your business was failing he would give you money to bring it back into the black. They were trying to do fireworks for the community, barbecues, a sick family got their hospital bills paid for — there were these acts of humanity laced in with acts of horror. But the horror was basically among themselves and anyone who was breaking their own rules.’

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