JUST IN: Chinese Restaurant Loses $190M After Pregnant Woman Finds Dead Rat In Soup!!

LONDON UK. A Xiabu Xiabu restaurant staff in China, offered to pay for a pregnant woman who found a dead rat in her food to have an abortion, her husband has claimed. The husband said he and his family were eating at a branch of Xiabu Xiabu in Weifang when his wife found the rodent in a bowl of hotpot.

   A restaurant worker offered to give Ms Ma money for an abortion: Weibo

Mr Ma has alleged that one of the staff suggested his wife get an abortion if she was concerned for her unborn child’s health. He said he was told by a member of staff: “If you are worried about the baby, then we’ll give you 20,000 yuan ($4000) to abort it.”

The restaurant offered Ms Ma compensation of 5,000 yuan ($729) after the wife had been checked in hospital and the baby was confirmed healthy.

Xiabu Xiabu:

Image result for Xiabu XiabuHotpot is a popular dish in China and seen as a social occasion where ingredients are cooked at the table by diners in a boiling broth.

The incident went viral on Chinese social media causing the company’s stock value to plummet by around £145 million. Local authorities closed down the restaurant while an investigation was launched.


Hotpot is a popular dish in China and considered a social affair (Getty Images)

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