Juventus Sell Over $60 Million Worth of Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseys in 24 Hours!!!

ROME ITALY. Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo fever is gripping Juventus FC. Juventus, the biggest soccer club in Italy, has already sold $60 million worth of Ronaldo jerseys in just 24 hours — that’s more than half his transfer fee.

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Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus FC in a $129.3 million deal, but the Italian club will not recuperate the bulk of the transfer fee from shirt sales alone as, typically, clubs only receive 10-15% of the revenue the kit manufacturer generates (in this case, Adidas). It is therefore likely that Juventus FC will only see $6 million to $9 million of this money.

Regardless, Juventus FC is still feeling the effects of buying one of the planet’s most famous athletes. When news broke of Ronaldo’s intended move, Juventus FC shares popped almost 40%. The club also witnessed a massive social media boost as its channels gained over 1.5 million new followers in a single day.

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Speaking of his transfer, Ronaldo said that he hopes to “take Juventus to an even higher level,” and he also said he “wanted to leave his mark on the history of Juventus.” It looks like he may have already done those things without even kicking a ball.

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