South Africa: Taking farms from whites is justified because ‘it’s not really their land’ – “Land Gives You Dignity. Without land you are nothing.”

LONDON. The national spokesman of a key South African opposition party has said redistributing land from white farmers without compensation is justified because “it is not really their land”.

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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi told The Independent white farmers descended from Dutch and English colonial invaders “have taken it [the land] through a violent crime against humanity”.

Mr Ndlozi is one of the most senior officials in the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, which put forward a successful motion last month calling on the government to consider amending South Africa’s constitution, to make clear that it is within the authorities’ power to redistribute property on racial grounds.

South Africa President:

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Many South Africans nonetheless agree that some land distribution is needed as the country continues to recover from the horrors of apartheid and colonial rule. White people officially occupy 23.6 per cent of farmland in the country – a figure which rises to 73 per cent when land owned through private enterprises is taken into account – compared to 1.2 per cent owned by black South Africans.

Related image“In this process, white people ought to accept the crime of apartheid and colonisation and how these crimes impacted on black people,” Mr Ndlozi said. Whites could “show remorse by ceding land they inherited through anti-black racist dispossession”, he suggested, adding: “Justice leads to reconciliation.”

“We felt a great and overwhelming sense of historic responsibility to finally reconstitute South African society on a truly non-racial land ownership basis,” Mr Ndlozi told The Independent.


Mbuyiseni Ndlozi:

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Mr Ndlozi said he thought South Africa would be a better place without “whites”, going on to explain: “Yes, any community in the world would be a better place without any one referring to themselves as ‘white’.”

“You only define yourself as white to distinguish yourself from blacks; whiteness is a reference in as far as it seeks to point out the absolute other, which is black. We are going to take some of their land to share it with other blacks.”

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Source: The Independent (edited)

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