NIGERIA CHAOS: Tension In Kano State As Speaker Of The House Of Assembly, All Principal Officers, Face Immediate Impeachment

NIGERIA. The Members of the Kano State House of Assembly, have set out to impeach the Speaker of the House, Abdullahi Yusuf Ata.

A reliable source in the House, revealed that as at Sunday night, 21 Lawmakers had duly signed in support of the Speaker’s impeachment.

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The source confirmed that already all the Principal Officers of the House had been impeached, having gotten the 21 Lawmakers to sign for their impeachment.

“We have already impeached the Principal Officers, by having 21 Lawmakers sign for their impeachment, and we are needing only 6 Members to make the requirement of 2/3 to impeach the Speaker.”

Kano State Speaker:

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Asked why the Lawmakers resolved to impeach the Leaders of the House, the source said: “The reasons are many, but the major one is incompetence. The Speaker has completely localised the House. “We cannot sit until after 2pm, and even at that, things are not moving as expected. We cannot just continue like that, because we are representing our Constituencies.”

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