BREAKING NEWS NIGERIA: Governor Yahaya Bello ‘Breaks Down In Tears’ As INEC Announces Final Result Of Senator Dino Melaye’s Recall Exercise

LONDON. It was was a sad day for Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, as the attempt to recall Senator Dino Melaye, failed woefully.

INEC Rules state that, for the verification exercise to succeed, 50 percent plus 1 of the signatories to the petition had to be verified.

Senator Melaye & Gov Bello:

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However, based on the results announced by Professor Ukertor Gabriel Moti, the Declaration Officer for the exercise held in the Senatorial District, on Saturday, only 18,742 of the 189,870 of the signatories to the petition for the Senator’s recall were verified by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

The verified signatories represent 5.34 percent of the 351,146 registered voters in the Senatorial District.

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After announcing the results, he declared: “I Professor Ukertor Gabriel Moti, affirm that the information on verification of signatures to the petition for the recall of Senator Dino David Melaye of Kogi West Senatorial District, has taken place on this day, 28th day of April 2018, and that the verified signatures is 5.34 percent of the total number of registered voters in the Constituency, and has therefore not satisfied a requirement of the law for a referendum.”

He said that the results were signed by him and the two agents to the petitioners, and the agent of Senator Melaye.


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The Saturday verification exercise came months after the petition for Senator Melaye’s recall was submitted to INEC, because of lawsuits filed by the Senator challenging the petition.

A total of 189,870 signatories were on the petition, representing 54 percent of the 351,146 registered voters in the Senatorial District, which is comprised of seven Local Government Areas, including Lokoja, the State capital.

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When the exercise was finally held, on Saturday, it was characterised by low turnout, with some verification centres quiet hours later. By the time the verification ended by 2pm and collation of results started, talks of its failure had started spreading.

Although, the exercise was largely peaceful, there was violence in Mopa Amuro, at the end of the exercise. Six polling units were reportedly affected and as a result, the exercise in six out of the 10 Wards in the LGA, were cancelled.

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