Neymar Jr: World Cup will show I am better than ever after injury

LONDON. Brazilian superstar Neymar has vowed to be fit and better than ever at this summer 2018 World Cup in Russia after revealing he hopes to be cleared to return to action at a May 17 medical examination.

Speaking at a sponsor event in Sao Paulo on Tuesday, the 26-year-old addressed his continued recovery in Brazil fromΒ a broken bone in his right foot and acknowledged he was immediately concerned about his future.

“I intend to arrive in Russia better than I was before,” Neymar said. “Of course, there were doubts — even I had doubts, but that is normal after such an injury. It was the first surgery of my career. I had never been through this before.”

Neymar was originally expected to be out forΒ the remainder of PSG’s season, but scans taken after surgery have made it plausible he could return for the final game against at Caen on May 19.

“There is not a set date yet,” Neymar said. “If I’m not mistaken, my last exam to get full clearance will be on May 17, which is the date where I will probably be able to play again.

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“It all depends on the evolution of the treatment and the next exams I go through so I have more details, but if I have to set a date where I have full clearance, will probably be close to May 17.”

Neymar said he is in regular contact with both the Brazil national team and PSG, and that the organisations are also in communication with each other regarding his recovery.

“I always talk with Brazilian coach Tite, and team coordinator Edu Gaspar, Rica, who is our physical trainer … and everyone else there,” Neymar said. “They are always talking to Paris, too. We are always exchanging information.

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“I have been through some exams last week and it’s all perfect. Everything is evolving according to plan. I hope it keeps going like that so I can return as soon as possible.

“Whether I want it or not, it has been very difficult for me,” Neymar said. “Not being able to play, to practice, being out of my work environment — which is the best part, the locker room, being around my friends, being able to practice, concentrating and playing matches — it has been very difficult staying here in Brazil and watching my team play, score goals, win titles.

Neymar Jr & Ronaldo:

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“I really wish I could be with them. But there’s one priority for me, which is my health, and I have to take care of it.”


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