(VIDEO) TRAGIC: Arsenal Star Ainsley Maitland-Niles Abandons his Mom

UNITED KINGDOM. Arsenal Superstar Ainsley Maitland-Niles Mother talks of being homeless and how she beds down each night in a 10ft square metal storage crate while her son lives in a £700,000 apartment.

It’s a metal container with no windows or carpet. There is no toilet or washing facilities. “My son Ainsley could buy me a flat with two weeks wages”

Watch the video below:

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2 thoughts on “(VIDEO) TRAGIC: Arsenal Star Ainsley Maitland-Niles Abandons his Mom

  1. TamsirAbubacarr says:

    Plz help ur mom no matter wat? Remember tank u mama for the 9months they carry us thru wit pains n suffering. Mama m a big man now I gonna take u thru and do the rest oh mama I can’t pay u. Try ur best and help ur mum. U can’t find a new mum so for get everything n help ur mum. Jah guide

  2. Slimsuso says:

    Their was a man during the prophets era who wanted to pay his mum for the 9 months, sleepless night, basically all the troubles the mum went through bringing him up so he wont owe anything to his mum..so he started by carrying his mum on his back for (haj) pilgrimage to mecca history has it that he carried his mum almost year walking to mecca for the pilgrimage, he arrive and all neccesary religious believe was done then carried the mum back walking almost another year..so finally he came back then went to the prophet and said i have carried my mum on my back for almost 2 years for pilgrimage now i want to know whats the balance left in paying my mum, the prophet replied if this payment was a sand glass and its place upright to measure according what you have done not a single particle of sand has drop from above..to cut the story short you can never pay your mum, make her happy while she is alive..you can only have 1 mum..to all mothers please forgive us for all the troubles we made you go through

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