PANDEMONIUM!!! INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Trains Cancelled in Spain as Women go on Strike

  • Spain’s women’s day strike kicks off with midnight pot banging. 
  • Women demand an end to unfair wages, domestic violence and “macho” culture

SPAIN. Women in Spain kicked-off their first nationwide strike on International Women’s Day with a pot banging protest at midnight in Madrid as they demanded an end to unfair wages, domestic violence and the country’s prevailing “macho” culture.

The walkout aims to highlight discrimination, harassment and violence against Spanish women, which the organisers see as a product of macho attitudes.

The 8M Commission, the umbrella collective organising the strike, has demanded authorities take a tougher stance on domestic violence in Spain, where 99 women were killed by their partners last year.

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The organisers have also urged women to halt the “invisible” tasks that they often perform, such as taking children to school or cooking meals, and that they said go mostly unrecognised. The group called for measures to reduce precarious work conditions and improve wages for Spanish women. They earn about 15 percent less per hour relative to their male counterparts, a survey by the European Commission showed.

Women staged strikes in dozens of cities across Spain last year, but this will be the first nationwide walkout which is expected to include teachers, journalists, healthworkers and politicians, including Madrid’s Mayor Manuela Carmena and her Barcelona counterpart Ada Colau.

MORE than 300 trains have been cancelled today as part of International Women’s Day strikes.

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According to the transport ministry, 200 intercity and 105 long-distance trains have been cancelled. The underground in Madrid will also be affected.

The 24-hour strike has been called by 10 unions while feminist groups have also asked women not to spend money and to stop doing their domestic chores.

All are campaigning against inequalities between men and women.

Penelope Cruz has cancelled events she had planned and will also go on ‘domestic’ strike, leaving her partner Javier Bardem to care for their two children.

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