SHOCKING!!! Monkeys Steal N70M Nigerian Senators Money

NIGERIA. While Nigerians are puzzled by the tale of a snake swallowing N36 Million in Benue JAMB office, PUNCH newspaper has alleged that monkeys have taken N70 Million belonging to the Northern Senators Caucus.

The N70M handed over to the Northern Senators Forum has been swallowed by monkeys in the farm of a ranking senator Abdullahi Adamu – Shehu Sani

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Apparently, in these days of rampant Bank failures, ubiquitous kidnappers and prevalent home (armed) robbery, the safest place to secure money is on a remote farm. Hence, the
Senator must have carted the money to his farm for “safe keeping”. However, unknown to him, some monkeys were watching his assistants as they were loading the money into the barns. Consequently, those monkeys waited until the storage was complete and everyone had left, before descending on, and making a big feast, of the money.

Monkeys having a feast to celebrate their success after stealing the money.

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