Missing N36Million: Senator Shehu Sani donates snake charmers to JAMB

ABUJA NIGERIA. Shehu Sani, the senator representing Kaduna Central has presented 500 Litres of anti-snake venom and 2 snake charmers to Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, following reports that an ‘unidentified spiritual snake’ had ingested the sum of N36 Million. 
Reacting to the reports, the JAMB spokesperson Fabian Benjamin, advised Nigerians against trivialising the issue.
“We are not ashamed because Nigerians are turning it into a joke. It’s not a joke. We should be surprised and we should weep for this country that people could be that mischievous. The effrontery of someone saying a snake could swallow money is something that should disturb us.”
Senator Sani, on Tuesday visited the JAMB headquarters to ascertain the truth of the matter and to lend his “assistance”. He said –
“The reason for my presence here is in response to the story that a snake swallowed about N36 million. It is my concern that such a huge amount of money is reported to have been swallowed by a snake. I believe the contribution I can make is to bring snake charmers from my constituency to the JAMB office to help them fish out the snake or weed out snakes from their premises,” Mr. Sani said.
“If a snake can actually swallow N36 million one day we may wake up in this country to see that a snake has swallowed our foreign reserve or it has swallowed money that was gathered in the TSA, he said”.
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