Breaking Victory!!! Atiku Abubakar Outshines President Buhari, And Secures All The South-East Votes, Ahead Of The 2019 Presidential Poll

The National Coordinator of Atiku Wazobia, Mr. Gabriel Churchill Chukwuemeka, yesterday, unveiled the group’s plan to hand over the South-East region to 2019 Presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar, ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Chukwuemeka’s statement came while inaugurating Coordinators of the group in the South-East region, in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

Speaking further, he gave the names of the Coordinators as: Mr. Chukwura Onochie, Anambra; Mr. Emeka Charles, Ebonyi; Mr. Uche Umazi, Abia; Mr. Kanayo Afunugo, Enugu; and Mr. Ikechukwu Ohanedo, Imo State.

Chukwuemka told the Vanguard newspaper that: “All of us have seen what this country has been turned into, and we need a saviour that will rescue us from this bad governance.

“We need a Leader that is well experienced about the issue of governance, and that does not discriminate. We need a Leader that does not practice nepotism.

“We need a Leader that believes in equality, and does not segregate along ethnic lines; a Leader who believes in the collective interest of the different climes that make up a country.

“Because we are tired of this favouritism style of administration, we are calling on Atiku to come and save this country from collapsing.

“This is a move to ensure that the zone is carried along in the wind of positive change coming to Nigerians, and also for the zone to speak in one voice.”


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