President Trump’s Health exam results – “He has a gorgeous 44-inch coke-bottle waist, and his height, 75 inches with legs that seem to go on forever”- SNL (VIDEO)

“Again, let me be clear,”  Jackson said. “The president is in peak physical condition.”

You heard the doctor the president has passed every exam we gave him: physical exam, mental exam, the Tide Pod Challenge — crushed it.”

UNITED STATES. A must watch episode of  this week’s “Saturday Night Live” opened with a sketch of President Donald Trump’s doctor giving his “unbiased, 100 percent accurate health assessment”.

“SNL” cast member Beck Bennett, played the White House physician Ronny Jackson, who delivered the news about Trump’s physical. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, played by Aidy Bryant, introduced him and said he would explain to the public “how healthy the president is.”


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