Cameroon separatist leader detained in Nigeria

ABUJA NIGERIA.    A leading member of a separatist movement in Cameroon has been taken into custody in Nigeria with his aides, according to sources.

CAMEROON. Separatist group says Julius Ayuk Tabe and six others were taken in ‘illegal abduction’ by Cameroonian gunmen

Julius Ayuk Tabe, the Nigeria-based chairman of the Governing Council of Ambazonia separatist movement, was taken into custody alongside six others at a hotel in Abuja on Friday, both a Nigerian official and the separatist group said.

Separatists, including armed radical elements, seek an independent state for the nation’s anglophone regions they call Ambazonia.

The group leads a movement for an independent Ambazonia State, which seeks to break away from the domination of the French-speaking Cameroon.

Anglophone Cameroonians say they have been marginalised for years by the central government and the country’s majority French-speaking population. The English-speaking region says its citizens are forced to speak French, amassing its natural resources, amongst other oppressive behaviour.

The seven officials arrested include the leader of the group, Sisiku Tabe.

President Paul Biya of Cameroon

Others are Nfor Ngala Nfor, Fidelis Che, Henri Kimeng, Cornielius Kwanga, a professor identified as Awasum and a lawyer, Nalowa Bih.

They were arrested at Nera Hotel in Abuja.

“They were picked up yesterday by the SSS. They (SSS) came with guns and ammunitions to the hotel when they took them away. They arrived for a meeting of the high command of the leadership of the Ambazonia republic scheduled to hold at the hotel,” our source said.

The separatist group later issued a statement saying that Tabe and six others were taken from Nera hotels by Cameroonian gunmen in an “illegal abduction”.

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