Beast of Bolsover’ gets standing ovation after rousing speech!!! [VIDEO]

– BRIGHTON. Veteran MP Dennis Skinner made a barnstorming speech at Labour’s annual conference .

–  Calls Labour’s 2017 manifesto ‘the best since 1945’

The 85-year-old, who has been MP for Bolsover since 1970, hailed a “tremendous year” for Labour, which he credited to Jeremy Corbyn and the Shadow Cabinet.

“We had a manifesto that, quite frankly, was the best since 1945,” he said. “I’ve lived long enough to remember reading that as a young lad taking papers round during the Second World War.



As record numbers of Labour members gather in Brighton, Mr Skinner said the party was in better shape than it was even under Tony Blair.

“There is a new zeal within the Labour movement,” he said. “It can be witnessed at this conference. The place was full on a Sunday. That never used to happen, even in the days of Tony Blair and all the rest of it.

“The party is alive and well and kicking.”

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