BREAKING NEWS: CHEESE could cure Deafness

AMERICA – Cheese just might hold the cure to deafness. Scientists believe that it contains a chemical compound that could prevent and even cure deafness caused by exposure to loud sound, according to the Daily Mail.

A compound found in cheese could help protect damage to nerve cells in the ear..(Photo: Pixabay)

A test done on animals reveals D-methionine helps protect damage to nerve cells in the ear. Now, it will soon be tested on 600 human volunteers from the US army. Researchers are also looking to find out if the compound can protect soldiers from permanent hearing damage caused by gunfire noise.

Loud sounds can damage nerve cells in the cochle, a vital part in the inner ear that helps send sound signals to the brain. D-methionine, an amino acid also found in yogurt, can help neutralise damaging chemicals released by the effect of the noise.

For the trial on humans, some of the recruits will take the compound in a drink and others will take a placebo, the report reveals. All participants will have their hearing tested a few days later. Time will tell if the compound found in cheese is a success on humans.

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