Theresa May cramming school children like sardines – Corbyn

LONDON. The Labour Party has pledged to crack down on over-crowded school classrooms if it wins power — accusing the Tories of ‘cramming in’ too many children.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn said figures showed 40,000 primary pupils were in classes of more than 36 — while 16,600 were in classes of at least 40.

The number of so-called ‘titan’ primary schools, with more than 800 pupils, was seven times higher than it was in 2010, he added.

‘Seven years of Tory failure and broken promises have left our schools in a terrible state,’ Mr Corbyn said. ‘Hundreds of thousands of our children are paying the price, crammed into classrooms like sardines.

‘School leaders and teachers have said that Tory cuts to school budgets will mean class sizes will be forced to grow even larger. We cannot risk our children’s education in this way.’

The Conservatives responded: ‘There is more to do and that’s why we are spending a record amount on schools — something we can afford to do because of our careful management of the nation’s finances.’

As he launched Labour’s campaign yesterday, Mr Corbyn said Labour would fight against an establishment system ‘rigged’ in favour of elites and big business.

He insisted the result of the election was not a ‘foregone conclusion’ despite pundits having predicted a big win for Theresa May’s Tories.

Labour also confirmed it would not propose holding a second referendum on leaving the EU after the final Brexit deal with Brussels has been agreed.

At the campaign launch, MP Dawn Butler took aim at the prime minister, saying of the June 8 polling day: ‘June always marks the end of May.’

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